Frequently Asked Questions

1. Requirements of applications of all Prize Bonds?

Response: To claim for award cash confirmed on winning prize bond can be lodged at any field company from  the claim that is prescribed, you'll find at  the help desk free of cost. The design properly brimming can be published combined with appropriate:

i) Photocopy of appropriate CNIC

ii) profitable reward connect (original) duly closed by  the person 

iii) Photo copy of this reward winning connection duly signed by  the applicant

2. Exactly what are  the objections that are general on award revenue claim?

Answer: To fill in the shape in all regard properly for example. Relationship figures, name, big date of draw, day of problems etc.

3. Why the genuineness of reward securities should not be examined at area office?

Solution: Bonds is initial checked at area organizations because of  the countertop personnel just who imparted knowledge from PSPC along with case of doubt, the same taken to PSPC.

But prize winning bonds one  million and above are very important is sent to PSPC as a result of huge prize money engaging.

4. Why the facial skin advantages and reward money on the flawed award ties is compensated separately?

Address: Face  value against Defective prize securities is actually settled after moving thereof by authorized officer whereas the cost of award money  is settled as usual.

5. Should we claim award money in the name that is own or it up to a specialist?

Answer: Yes state himself/herself 

6. Why date of issue  is very important to any claim of reward money?

Response: just  those reward ties be eligible for award cash, which were purchased 2 months ahead of their unique respective draw.

7. Whether a reward connection placed with software for prize money  is returned  to the claimant?

Address: Prize securities winning award cash below Rs. 10,000/- are returned, in the event of award revenue Rs. 10,000/- and over are maintained in addition to  their face  value was compensated for the claimant.

8. Can prize revenue feel said to get a reward connect whose receipt/ payment purchase is missing?

Solution: indeed after fulfillment of recommended problems.

9. How an individual can claim award money?

Solution: award money could be claimed/availed by people she or he himself/herself on rewarding of prescribed declare kind available at Help Desk.

10. Why duplicated signatures become obtained on claim form in cases where there was difference that is minor signatures with that of CNIC?

Answer: To secured the interest from the financial and additionally claimant, correct recognition of claimant is necessary.

11. What's the process of obtaining prize revenue declare and from anywhere it could  be claimed?

Solution: The claim form is submitted in the respective counter associated with a workplaces of SBP BSC (Bank). Prize money up to Rs. 18,500/- was settled on counter (at the mercy of clearance of bond) the same day (from 30th Draw and onward) after deduction of 10% withholding income tax. Award funds over Rs. 18,500/- is given through installment purchase best by  the time directed at claimants for accumulating the prize cash. Prize funds upto Rs.1250/- could  be said at commercial banking institutions and nationwide benefit facilities.

12. just how many times include needed  for settlement of reward cash state?



No. of days

Upto Rs.18,500/-

same day(30th draw & onward)

Upto Rs.185,000/-

10 business days

Upto Rs.500,000/-

15 days that are working

Above Rs.500,000/-

20 trading days

13. any kind of expenses of prize cash claim form?

Solution: No.

14. After the number of times  of draw award money claim could be lodged?

Response: The claim is generally lodged often after three or four working days from the day of draw and within six many years through  the time of relevant draw.

15. Whether claimant can obtain fees of award funds through  an certified person?

Answer: this will depend on discretion of capable authority regarding the field practices.

16. Can we claim money that is prize of bond?

Address: Yes. ( Subject  to clearance under guidelines)

17. The reason why repayment of award money claims exceeding Rs.7500/- aren't compensated at SBP BSC surfaces?

Response: All money that is prize were settled at SBP BSC Counters

18. grounds  for time-lag on prize money?

Answer: Confirmation of genuineness with the connection from PSPC and concerned PDO.

19. Up about  what period prize cash is generally said?

Solution: Prize funds may be reported within six decades from time in the draw that is relevant.

20. If the quantity  of award cash  is settled? Precisely Why prize cash over Rs.1,250/ - is not settled regarding  the day that is same?

Address: The prize cash state is lodged usually after 3 or 4 working days from the go out of draw and within six decades through  the day of related draw. Prize cash up to Rs.18,500/- compensated entirely  on  same day(from 30th onward that is draw at all BSC Offices.

21. Whether one award bond winning prize cash two instances in various draws will undoubtedly be paid award money two  times on a single big date or else?

Response: Claim against prize connection winning in 2 different draws is generally lodged at a same opportunity against two different state software of  the holder inside  the period of Six)06) many years from  the date of its relevant draws.

B. inquiries relating to  the Draws of award bonds:

1. Is there a treatment of Prize Bonds draw? Is the procedure of draw transparent and fair?

Response: reward bond draw was conducted by  a committee constituted by CDNS and open to general public. Winning prize ties are attracted through Hand managed draw machine, that is managed by special offspring right in  front of Committee members and average man or woman attending the draw service. Draw device can also be examined by community before  the start  of draw.

2. Why the tiny investors don’t win award and larger prizes goes to investors that are big?

Address: large people invest in large sums and buy a lot more prize bonds; consequently their probability  of winning prize money  is higher  than individual which purchases a prize bond that is single. But, draw is actually held independently for every award and lightweight buyer can winnings large award.

3. Why the condition lender of Pakistan will not quit the payment of prize money against award bond reported forgotten?

Address: Prize relationship is  a bearer instrument. Their control belongs to  the owner associated with the instrument exactly like money records.

4. Whether one can attend draw ceremony?

Response: Yes, general public may  also sign up for the reward bond draw service on creation  of earliest CNIC.

5. can there be any  solution  to guarantee that the reward connection purchased would victory a reward?

Solution: No.

6. Why one cannot get prize which bought prize securities in shut period as soon as the true range prize connect was actually part of  the draw and obtained a prize as well?

Address: Read Sr.No.A-6

7. Why the award funds  on the winning quantity is not compensated most day that is next?

Address: Due to preparation that is preliminary of for authoritative purposes

8. What number of numbers  of reward Bonds have a string?

Response: One much less in one million (999,999)

C. Questions concerning taxation issues of award bonds:

1. how tax that is much subtracted on reward revenue?

Response: WHT @ 10% is actually deducted from reward cash of Prize Bonds under Section 156(1) of ITO 2001(Division III of role V). Furthermore, a surcharge @15% on withholding taxation on state economy techniques (NSS) profit (like prize money repayment on National prize securities) w.e.f. 15.03.2011 to 30.06.2011 is imposed with respect to FBR page No.1(36)WHT/2006  dated 28.03.2011 received vide CDNS letter No.F.13(1)(Rules)Sch-3/2004 dated 28.03.2011.

2. Whether a tax payee are exempted from withholding tax on

award revenue claim?

Solution: No.

3. whatever are taxation certification?

Address: this is  a requirement of claimant to submit similar to income tax government to prove the percentage  of earnings as appropriate.

4. Is 10% Income Tax on small gifts perhaps not frustrating savers that are small?

Response: whilst the taxation was subtracted throughout  the award revenue best and never regarding  the amount that is principal therefore it is  not discouraging towards the tiny investors.

D. Questions regarding purchases of reward ties:

1. From where we can have award Bonds?

Address: Prize ties tends to be encashed and purchased in virtually any quantities at  all industry offices of SBP BSC (Bank), company of nationwide preserving centers, and selected branches of commercial banking companies.

2. Why the interest rate of gifts is fluctuated?

Answer: as a result of authorities (Ministry of loans CDNS that are– rules and revision of interest rate. Price of gifts tend to be fluctuated appropriately.

3. Why the true quantity of awards keeps reduced whereas final amount of prize bonds has increased?

Answer: range prizes also increased. Variety  of reward securities become risen  to make rates of return appropriate for mark up prevalent inside  the revenue market

4. can there be any restrict on acquisition  of reward Bonds?

Address: No.

5. What is the encashment therapy?

Address: to provide prize that is original at the surfaces of SBP BSC Offices/Commercial Banks/National economy Centers to get face  value thereof.

6. will be  the reward securities marketed by industrial financial institutions/ National rescuing Center become real?

Response: certainly they are  the dealers that are authorized

7. Can prize relationship feel encashed any right time after their unique purchase?

Address: Yes.

8. When the Draw number can be found to the public that is general?

Answer: Official bring checklist can be acquired on  the day that is next of draw which can even be installed from SBP BSC & CDNS web site.

9. Procedure for encashment of defective/ mutilated/ decipherable prize relationship?

Address: Claim on  the prescribed form for the recuperation of appreciate will probably  be addressed under  the Prize ties Refunds Rules, 1963. Mutilated/defaced ties (if displayed more than half part  of such connection together with declare kind) become passed away by the officer that is authorized exactly the same day for payment, if usually if you wish while state bonds is settled (if accepted) within three trading  days.

10. From anywhere I can obtain the draw schedule?

Solution: Draw timetable are exhibited during the industry practices, official internet site of core Directorate of nationwide benefit and at SBP internet site.

11. What is Shut Course? Exactly?

Answer: closed years indicates a period  of 2 months preceding the big date of draw of the denomination that is particular.

12. Then prize that is fresh were issued during deal cycle?

Response: new securities were given once  the stock of re-issuable ties try completely utilized/exhausted.

13. Is there any institution, except that SBP BSC (financial) that offers sale/encashment on the award bonds?

Answer: Yes. Nationwide Protecting stores and commercial banking institutions.

14. what's the character of SBP BSC (Bank) during  the award relationship sale/encashment?

Solution: As  a representative to CDNS, SBP BSC is responsible for administration  for the system in most importance .

15. Are prize bond figures offered for the customers of their  own alternatives?

Answer: No.

16. Can there be any deduction against refund of par  value of faulty Prize ties?

Response: No.

17. Can we exchange bonds at any bank/ post office?

Response: ties can be replaced at specified branches of industrial Banks merely.

18. are we able to trading denomination that is old?

Response: No.

19. In case there are theft can payment be quit?

Answer: No. Prize bond are bearer tools.

20. Can we see value that is full of connect?

Solution: Yes, when  the bond is over one half and otherwise in order.

21. Precisely why the ties purchased during shut cycle aren't contained in consequent draw?

Answer: because of holding that is minimum for all den. State Prize Bonds as per reward ties formula, 1999.

22. In the event that Prize relationship was stolen, can  I get identical prize relationship?

Response: No. securities which can be prize bearer tools and the person who is holding the award bond has it and may state award money.

23. How much cash opportunity try taken fully to question a prize bond that is new?

Response: On instant grounds, dependant on the  number of peoples into  the waiting line for sale/purchase associated with the connect.

24. What is the  longevity  of award connection?

Solution: The face area property value prize connect, lawfully issued by  the certified retailers, are repayable at any time till a particular denomination of reward relationship is certainly not demonetized or terminated of  the Federal Govt./State Lender of Pakistan. In such instance the holders from the ties are given adequate time for you trade the cancelled securities.

E.Questions associated with Concepts of prize ties (Misc):

1. just how many draws were in  a year?

Solution: Four draws of each denomination (Rs.200/-, Rs.750/-, Rs.1,500/-, Rs.15,000/ that is rs.7,500/-,- Rs.40,000/-) for example. 24 attracts presented at our field practices as per draw Schedule released by CDNS.

2. Just Who prints bonds that are prize?

Answer: Pakistan Security publishing agency (PSPC), Karachi, images Prize ties of all of the denominations because of the acceptance of Govt. of Pakistan.

3. Just Who holds the reward relationship Draws?

Address: The panel constituted by CDNS comprised upon authorities of SBP BSC, Local/Regional Directorate of nationwide cost savings and members from regional Chamber of business & Industry keep  the Draws.

4. Is there a aim of reward Bonds scheme?

Answer: To inspire investment that is public. It's really  a source of residential borrowing from the bank for national.

5. What kinds  of reward securities commonly qualified to receive face or refund worth?

Response: Prize securities are not qualified to receive payment if the exact same are not even  half, forged or purposely slashed, tampered or mutilated.

6. Is there a position of draws used before November 15, 2000?

Address: Separate draw for each group  of a denomination was held before  2000 november. Today the draw is conducted within  the Single popular Draw program.

7. whatever are the open-market speed of Prize ties?

Address:It gets  an unlawful synchronous market of advantage securities controlling performs from the bank’s secure which doesn't fall under SBP BSC Purview.  

8. Whether it  is in accordance to Sharia axioms?

Solution: most commonly known towards  the Sharia Scholars/ problems.

9. Are  the prize-winning checklist offered with agents try authenticated?

Solution: No.

10. Is actually Prize Bond a registered or holder device?

Response: award connect is really a bearer device.

11. The reason why through  the closed cycle reward ties remain on sale

outside SBP BSC (Lender)?

Answer: SBP BSC workplaces are not affecting the deal of reward ties during closed course; but, some people purchase  it before shut sale and period on premiums in open-market during closed period and is unlawful.

12. become these agents authorized to deal in sale/ purchase  of award Bonds?

Answer: No.

13. What are  the security measures of the award connection?

Answer: These securities are published into  the offset process on SPL made papers & would bring the next security features:

In paper: (i) enhance watermark, (ii) micro-printed security thread, (iii) undetectable fiber that is coloured.

In printing: (i) micro-printed tone in rainbow shade, (ii) guilloche patter, (iii) noticeable neon rosette, (iv) undetectable denomination print, (v) numbering in red-colored neon ink. 

14. What Exactly Is PSPC?

Alternative: Pakistan Security Printing organization (PSPC) is just a  federal government organization that prints currency notes/prize securities and various  other government securities.

15. Exactly why the Prize ties become taken to PSPC?

Answer: Chemically and also by some means that are sophisticated the tempering in securities has become more health-related, thus, award securities were sent to PSPC for confirmation. 

16. What Exactly Is C.D.N.S?

Address: main Directorate of National benefit, Ministry of fund, national of Pakistan try controlling/managing all  federal government economy for the advantage of majority of folks.

17. What is People Personal Debt Workplace?

Answer: market Debt workplace (PDO), deals with securities given by national of Pakistan from time to time to increase debts introduced by people obligations work, 1944. Whereas it's expedient to consolidate and amend the  laws associated with national Securities released from  the national

18. Why the award securities of Karachi Circle aren't compensated wearing  a fashion as being  a Lahore circle’s award relationship?

Solution: there is absolutely no difference between Karachi and Lahore circles. But, Lahore PDO additionally let charge of honor revenue against ties of Karachi PDO after confirmation. 

19. Exactly why the prize securities of Karachi circle can be purchased at Lahore workplace?

Answer: only bonds that are re-issuable entitled to getting sold/encashed at any

Center of every circle.

20. Why the award bonds of outdated denominations are substituted with brand-new


Answer: Being a authorities (Ministry of money) rules to introduce higher denomination Prize securities having amount that is huge of rewards.

21. Which are  the future prospects of Prize Bonds?

Solution: The design is totally had by Govt. of Pakistan and has bright prospects that are future.

22. What is actually the schedule of draw?

Address: The timetable of draw contains Draw No, spot & time of draw.

23. What are  the various denominations in addition to  their prize that is respective money?

Address: Presently six denominations of National reward securities have blood supply. How many awards & reward revenue truth be told there against as per money unit notice No.F.20(4)GS-I/2008-2388 out dated 29.11.2008 for any reward ties Draws conducted on or after 15.02.2009 are provided below:

24. Whether fresh securities of all denominations are available for sale irrespective  of Shut course?

Response: certainly however  these securities should be sold  in the open cycle after exhaust of re-issuable bonds.

25. Exactly reward bonds commonly given in  a show?

Solution: new Prize Bonds include given in series.

26. Could Prize securities be used as security against financial loans?

Response: Yes.

27. What is the backing that is legal of Bonds?

Address: assured by authorities vide people personal debt operate, 1944.

28. Precisely why application form is received in duplicate?

Address: No replicate form is required.


29. Are every bank that is commercial to encash/ purchase the prize securities to

community and spend the reward money into the claimant?

Answer: All certified commercial finance companies include permitted  to generate sale/ encashment of all of the denomination reward securities. However, banking institutions are permitted to pay the prize funds as much as Rs. 1,250/- just while the gifts surpassing Rs. 1,250/- were handled after  all field organizations of SBP BSC (financial).