Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 (Jan, ~ Dec,)

Download Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 complete from January to December 2024 in Pakistan. The people who bought any denomination to get in this winning money scheme have the time to buy and sell their papers on dates of each month. You may ask how. It’s so simple that every person in Pakistan has some budget to invest in these money-generating schemes. So all of the people who have reserved money from their salary or budget will buy these prize bonds. All categories of this denomination including prize bond Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, and Premium Bond 40000 have fixed draw dates 04 times in a year. So people only buy these prize bonds according to the Prize bond draw schedule so that they may not have to wait to keep their money bound for investment. The prize bond schedule 2024-2025 is here to share the entire prize bond draw city, date, day, and draw number to explain that what you will decide this month to buy before the days of balloting time. The prize bond schedule is here to help you select your favorite and budgeted bond from the national savings of Pakistan schemes.

1 750 97 January 15, 2024 Monday Sialkot
2 100 45 February 15, 2024 Thursday PESHAWAR
3 1,500 97 February 15, 2024 Thursday LAHORE
4 25,000 13 March 11, 2024 Monday Karachi
5 200 97 March 15, 2024 Friday MUZAFFARABAD
6 750 98 April 15, 2024 Monday HYDERABAD
7 Premium 40,000 28 April 11, 2025 Friday FAISALABAD